Ms. Fivean Ho Sok Ching, PhD in Strategic Management

Dr. Fivean Ho is a Lecturer of Strategic Management and Operation Management in the EDS Business School and is a Visiting Professor of the Faculty of the International School at the University of Central China Normal University, Wuhan China; Visiting Professor of the Southern University College.


Her current research and teaching interests include the Strategic Orientation on Innovation Capability and Dynamic Capabilities. Dr. Fivean Ho currently teaches courses in strategic management, talent management, operations management, international business, and strategic marketing and management.

Dr. Fivean Ho has been the recipient of number teaching awards, including the Teaching Excellence Award from Southern University College. She previously (2008-2012) taught at Southern University College, Malaysia. 2011, Dr. Fivean Ho certified by the HRDF served as an qualified Train The Trainer (T.T.T) and has exclusively appointed to teaches for government project “Train the unemployed graduates”, same year she certified by the Chartered of International Logistics and Transport, UK (CILT) as Chartered Member and has appointed as Honourable Secretary, southern region Malaysia. 

Dr. Fivean Ho received an MBA with High Distinction from the Nottingham Trent University in 2003 and her PhD in Strategic Management from Akamai University in 2016.

Prior to her academic career, Dr. Fivean Ho worked in industry for nine years culminating in four years (2012-2015) as Chief Operating Officer for operations for an entrepreneurial retail chain storein the Malaysia include branches in South East Asia, this company generate few billions of ringgit in revenues every year from product and service innovations. Dr. Fivean Ho served as Branch Head (2003-2008) for operations for supply chain and logistics, and has coordinated of scores of the international shipping and distributions.